MARCH 4-5, 2023



WHAT: Phil Manning performs with Nick Charles
WHEN: Sunday March 5 at 12.00pm
WHERE: Marsh Mezzanine Stage Level 1

One of Australia’s best known guitarists, Phil has a single handedly turned more Australians onto the Blues than any other performer.

The grandson of a dedicated Tasmanian bandleader, Phil grew up with music in his genes.

From his earliest days backing pop artists and throughout his long career, his musical integrity has always set him apart.

Many Australians know him as a member of Chain, the legendary blues band whose contribution to Australian music and the development of the blues in this country is unparalleled.

Since the mid seventies Phil has forged a brilliant solo career for himself.

He has featured at all the major festivals and venues throughout the country, and the list of international artists he has toured with, performed alongside or recorded with is impressive.

This experience spans three decades at the top of his field.

His skillful touch and great passion for the blues have kept him musically progressive, always prepared to interest himself in new musical ideas whilst maintaining his stylistic purpose.

The result is a gifted songwriter with an awesome guitar technique.

His latest CD ‘Out Of My Shed’ is an indicative album of where Phil is musically today.

Distilling influences such as Blind Blake, Robert Johnson, Doc Watson and Celtic sounds into his original style ensures a sound that is timeless and contemporary. His use of a range of acoustic guitars in both slide and fingerpicking styles emphasises his skill at covering a full range of acoustic blues. It is a reminder that blues can be lyrical and melodic as well as emotional.

His influences are absorbed into his own playing, and there is a sense of empowerment that comes from his drive and his desire to push musically into exciting new dimensions.

Phil Manning is a consummate artist who continues to write, create and record, but, true to the essence of blues and roots music, it is live on stage where he excels – and it is this energetic outpouring his audience love and have come to expect.