MARCH 4-5, 2023



WHAT: Luke Bailey performs
WHEN: Sunday March 5 at 2.15pm
WHERE: 1876 Bar Level 2

Luke Bailey is a 17-year-old, up-and-coming modern fingerstyle guitarist from Melbourne. He provides a fresh, modern, and eccentric approach to acoustic guitar and shares his passion for music through published recordings and live performances.

His musicality and technical proficiency have earned him recognition as one of the top 0.3% of Victoria’s Year 12 musicians (2022). He has garnered over 50,000 views on social media and music videos with up to 13,000 views on YouTube. This has drawn the attention of notable musicians such as Manuel Gardner Fernandes, Alexandr Misko, and Calum Graham.

Luke collaborates with several musical companies on a regular basis, this includes: Walden Guitars, Fishman Pickups, Tonewood Amp, and Wazinator and is available for shows, endorsements, gear demonstrations, and record deals.

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