MARCH 4-5, 2023



at October 1, 2022

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Lauda Guitars

Stand number: 1
Products exhibiting: Lauda Guitars offer modern guitars and basses with old-world character and craftsmanship baked in. Their two unique hollow-bodies, the versatile Night Owl and the stunning Bluehawk both have modern build quality, playability and intonation while yielding tones rich in character that you choose a hollow-body for. They are proudly made here in Australia. Whether you need an instrument that will seamlessly transition from pure clean tones to aggressive drive, or deliver full golden tones perfect for jazz, blues and fusion, you’ll want to check out these unique guitars.
Stand highlights: Come hear and play the unique hollow-body designs of Lauda Guitars. Marcel Yammouni will be also offering up close demonstrations on Sunday.

Hey Laidy

Stand number: 2A
Products exhibiting: Hey Laidy creates limited edition handcrafted guitar straps, camera straps, bag/purse straps and belts. The hero of these vintage inspired designs is the eco-friendly hemp webbing and beautiful jacquard ribbons. Uncompromising on comfort and style these environmentally conscious pieces are made in small batches by the maker, Laidy Byrne, in her home studio on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Stand highlights: The stand will feature a large collection of Hey Laidy’s original and unique vintage inspired guitar straps. Accompanying these will be a selection of straps from the rest of the range, ensuring there is something for everyone!

Meet the maker! Laidy will be hosting the stand all weekend and is able to answer any of your questions. In the unlikely event you are unable to find something you love from what is on display, Laidy will be ready to take your custom orders.


Wildwood Instruments

Stand number: 2B
Products exhibiting: Have you ever wanted to build your own electric guitar? Wildwood Instruments offers a weekend course where you will create your own custom guitar. There are many kit guitar and bass models to choose from, with colour options, hardware upgrades, custom decals and more, for you to really personalise your build. No experience is necessary, as Nick will guide you through each step in his fully equipped workshop, located in Daylesford. What could be more fun than a weekend in the countryside making your own Electric Guitar?
Stand highlights: Come down and check out the range of guitars and basses that you can build in our courses. The Electric Guitar Making Course starts from just $649 with lots of options available. There will also be the Cigar Box guitars and Cigar box ukuleles that you can build in our one day course from just $399. Our new service that we offer is Custom Electric Guitars – Made to Order. If you would prefer a professional luthier put together your guitar, rather than you completing one of our courses, we can do that for you. With a multitude of options to choose from you can design your own dream guitar, all for the same as the course prices. Have a chat to us to discuss what we can do for you. And what would the Melbourne Guitar Show be without a show stopping deal! Get 10% off any of our courses or Custom Guitars this weekend. Use code MGS10 on our website or book in with us at our stall. Discount valid until 8/3/23

Kink Guitar Pedals

Stand number: 3a
Products exhibiting: Melbourne made guitar and bass effects pedals. Offering unique art from local and international artists.

We also provide custom UV printing for other pedal manufacturers.

Kink has been in business since Feb 2017 and now has a fantastic dealer network within Australia and in the UK.

We have collaborated with well know bands the Cosmic Psychos, The Chats and Earthbong (GER)



Dirty Elvis Guitar

Stand number: 3c
Products exhibiting: Dirty Elvis Guitars is a one man workshop producing unique, high end, boutique electric guitars. Dirty Elvis Guitars began 6 years ago in Melbourne, and is now located in Canberra. The guitars are built and designed around a common theme where the top of the guitar is inlaid over a chambered body using various common and exotic tone woods. Dirty Elvis Guitars is me, Matt Gandy, and is named after my band “Dirty Elvis” – named such as when we started out we were a 2 piece, Melbourne rock outfit that played ALL Elvis Presley songs.
Stand highlights: This year Dirty Elvis will have a small but varied ranged of builds. We will have several electric guitars featuring different tone woods with a range of hardware and colour options. We are also really excited to be showing off our first Lap Steel Guitar model that features some of Lollar’s finest guitar pickups and the Certano G/B Bender by David Certano from France. The prize piece though of this years exhibition will be the recently completed 27.5″ baritone, sporting a clear blue and gold sparkle finish, and the finest gold hardware money can buy. We call this beauty…The Pharaoh. So, please come visit Dirty Elvis at the show. We are working towards delivering a very welcoming and informative display this year, with plenty of visuals to help tell our story, and two high quality amp/headphone setups to try out our guitars.

Frost Amplifiers

Stand number: 3c
Products exhibiting: Frost Amplifiers is the brainchild of electrical engineer Tim Krushka. New on the scene it is situated at Margate 20 mins south of Hobart Tas. The enterprise is committed to offering the guitarist innovative, all-original circuitry tube amps. We will have 2 amps at this year’s show with Richard “Fingers” Fenton playing in stand to demonstrate the versatility of the amps and of course you are welcome to try them yourself. To celebrate the return of the MGS we are offering substantial discounts on retail pricing for amps purchased or ordered at the show.

Stand highlights:
We will have 2 amps at this event:
Class A Push-Pull Amplifier 15W amp combo.
This amp is revolutionary in 2 ways. It uses a cascode input circuit and a Class A Push-Pull Output Stage. To my knowledge this has not been utilized before in a guitar amp. Hear the difference as it is switched from Class A to Class A/B. We will be happy to explain the circuit’s advantages to those technically minded. All hand wired with premium components the amp also looks good utilising sustainably harvested Tas rainforest species wood panels.

Available for purchase at the show or can be ordered with different cosmetic and speaker combinations. Can also be ordered in a head configuration.

Class A single ended 8W amp combo
A small studio or practice amp, this amp punches far above its 8 W weight. In keeping with the Frost tradition this amp has interesting circuit innovations that we will be happy to explain. All hand wired with premium components.
Available for purchase at the show or can be ordered with different cosmetic and speaker combinations

5 NA
6 – 7

The Tone Sanctuary/Cilia Custom Guitars

Stand number: 6 – 7
Products exhibiting: The Tone Sanctuary/Cilia Guitars- Charles Cilia Custom Guitars Australia, Chevetta Guitars, Strandberg Guitars, Pennyroyal Pickups, Headfirst Amplification
Stand highlights: Cilia Guitars New Products. Jack Jones IT-3000 Signature Guitar, Michael Dolce Halkion Guitar, Chevetta Acoustic Model, 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitar.
Strandberg Guitars-New NX Series Including Plini and Sarah Longfield Models
Pennyroyal Pickups-Big Naturals
Headfirst Amplification-Alta 100

Holdfast Custom Paint

Stand number: 8
Products exhibiting:
Holdfast Custom Paint specializes in artwork on guitars and Guitar Refinishing. We are Australia’s only Airbrush studio that specializes in Guitars. Making Guitars completely individual we do Tribute, Replica, Themed and Promotional guitars.”
Stand highlights: A selection of Airbrushed guitars, showing some of the various styles and themes we do.

Guitar Art Revolution

Stand number: 9

Products exhibiting: Pencil is the most uniquely detailed, non-invasive and efficient method for guitar art as seen at guitar shows from United States, Europe, Asia and all through Australia.
Based in Melbourne Victoria AUS, I’m passionate about the designs I can produce
by using Pencil onto musical instruments. All images are hand drawn unique custom
pieces of the owner’s desire, that are then finished with a light coat of sealer.

Stand highlights: Workshop on the Sunday with plenty of art to showcase all weekend

RIP-RAC Australia

Stand number:
Products exhibiting:
Stand highlights:

Mark Gilbert Guitars

Stand number: 11

Products exhibiting: Mark Gilbert Guitars are hand-crafted one off custom made instruments, designed and built by the one person from start to finish at Mark’s premises in Hobart, Tasmania. Constructed from beautiful special- species Tasmanian timbers, each Gilbert Guitar is a work of art – aesthetically unique. All woods uased are Fine Timber Tasmania’s Chain of Custody certified.

Mark Gilbert Guitars are built to withstand the demands and rigours  of the working musician. They are tried and tested by gigging musicians playing and touring locally, nationally and  internationally.

Stand highlights: A range of Mark Gilbert Guitars will be on display.

These can be inspected and played at the Gilbert Guitars stand, a boutique Carr Lincoln amp being available to play through.

Three photobooks featuring high quality photos of Mark Gilbert guitars are available to look through.

Souvenir Gilbert Guitars caps and bottle openers will be given away

Internationally touring bluesman Wolf Mail will be present on the Saturday, demoing Mark’s guitars and answering questions about them.


Swamp Industries

Stand number: 12
Products exhibiting: SWAMP Industries is a Canberra based MI retailer and brand distributor with a popular online music store. Australian distributor for Enya Music – an innovative guitar and ukulele brand specialising in carbon fibre and HPL body instruments – and popular brands JOYO, Alice and MOEN. We’re also dealers for many household names including Ernie Ball, Rockboard, Peavey, Kustom, Hotone, Michael Kelly and Loog. We have a curated range of great brands, awesome prices and friendly knowledgeable service. Serving Australian guitarist since 2005.
Stand highlights: Explore the SWAMP Industries range of guitar brands, highlighting the Enya Music Guitar & Ukulele range. Including the NOVA series of Carbon Fibre instruments. Try acoustic guitars including actuators – providing effects amplified from the instrument body itself. A selection of JOYO guitar gear will be on display including the popular BanTamP tube amps, BSK-60 60W battery acoustic amp and R-series FX pedals. Also find our SWAMP branded line of pedalboards, power supplies and wireless guitar system. We’ll showcase a range of popular strings and pedalboard accessories and have a selection of products available to buy at the show with special deals for attendees. 
DI Music
Stand No: 12
Products Exhibiting: We are a modern company who is passionate about importing guitars and musical equipment for the modern musician. Our guitar related brands include Walden, Loog, Michael Kelly, Empress Effects, Mad Professor, Red Witch, Foxgear, Gurus, Baroni, Kustom Amps, Hartke, Pig Hog, Black Diamond and Reunion Blues.
Stand Highlights: A new range of Walden Acoustic guitars including a demo from Walden artist Luke Bailey!
Every effects pedal we import from Empress, Mad Professor, Red Witch, Gurus, Baroni, Foxgear and the ability to play them through headphones.
Michael Kelly Electric Guitars including their original Hybrid guitars
Kustom Amps, Reunion Blues bags and Pig Hog Cables
See Luke Bailey demo the Walden G3030RCE

Guitars Plus | Mooer GTRS Guitars

Stand number:
Products exhibiting:
Stand highlights:


Amber Technology

Stand number: 14
Products exhibiting:Amber Technology’s extensive portfolio includes musical instruments, live sound and production and sound recording. Amber have been sourcing, supplying, and supporting musicians with top brands of musical instruments, music technology and accessories for over three decades. Amber’s experience with specialised manufacturers means our products are all chosen to deliver high performance results for touring live stage shows, production studios and more intimate home studio applications.

Stand highlights:
Breedlove Acoustic Guitars
– Warwick Bass
– Sadowsky Bass
– James Tyler Guitars
– Strymon
– Hotone Audio
– Radial Engineering
– CIOKS Power Supplies
– Peterson Strobe Tuners
– Rocknroller Multi-Carts
– Rockboard



Sound & Music

Stand number:  16

Products exhibiting: Sound & Music – Representing some of the finest manufacturers around the world, Sound And Music offers a wide range of leading audio recording products including microphones, monitors, guitar interfaces and pedals, MIDI controllers, and more.

An industry leader providing product knowledge, customer service, and sales support that our dealers deserve.

Stand highlights: Highlights at the Sound And Music booth include:

On stand demos of the new IK pedal range, including the high anticipated Amplitube TONEX pedal from IK.

– ART Pro Audio
Active & Passive DI’s, Instrument / Accessories, Pre Amps / Dynamic Processors, Digital Interfaces / Mixers, Rack & MicroMixers, EQ & Processors, Patch-bays & Splitters, Studio Amps & Monitors, Headphone Amps, and Power Solutions.

– IK Multimedia 
Studio Interfaces for Guitar
Mobile interfaces
IOS Apps
FX Pedals
Compact mini Amps

– Nektar Technology 
Pacer Foot Controller

– sE Electronics 
Ribbon Mics for Guitar Cabs
Guitar Reflection Filters


Colonial Leather

Stand number: 17
Products exhibiting: Colonial Leather is renowned for producing the highest quality guitar straps anywhere in the world today, having manufactured for iconic guitar companies such as Maton, Gibson and Washburn. At Colonial Leather we pride ourselves on making the best quality products at affordable prices.
Stand highlights: We’ll be stocking all our Australian Made guitar straps made with Genuine Leather. Our ranges of straps include, Suede, Soft Leather, Padded Leather, Upholstery Padded, Embroidered Suede, Faux Fur Webbing, Jacquard Webbing, Aboriginal Art Webbing, Printed Webbing just to name a few. Available in many different colours and designs. Colonial Leather has been proudly making Australian Made genuine leather straps and accessories for over 30 years.

Laney Amplification

Stand number: 18

Products exhibiting: LANEY AMPLIFICATION SINCE 1967
Laney is the signature of high quality British guitar and bass amplifiers. When Lyndon Laney needed an amp for his band in 1966, little did he know that the amp he made was the start of a long journey, a journey spanning over 50 years and every continent on the planet.

Stand highlights:

An extensive range of Laney products for you to see and try. We will also have product specialists and Laney artist Sammy V to chat to and ask any questions you have about the gear. Looking forward to seeing you at the show.

SUPERGROUP – The LA-STUDIO is an Impulse Response loaded 3Watt version of the critically acclaimed LA30BL head that will be running through the LFR-212 Flat Response powered cab.

LIONHEART – UK made, uniquely responsive boutique British Single-Ended Class ‘A’ tube tone.

IRONHEART – Forged deep in the Black Country the IRONHEART series continues the legacy that began decades before. Packed full of tone and versatility finished with a modern aggressive look.

CUB-SUPER – Simple, low powered, boutique valve amplifiers packed full of tone.

DIGBETH – This new top of the range bass amplification and cabinets are for the modern player with and eye for vintage, boutique vibes.


Gilman Guitars

Stand number: 19
Products exhibiting: Gilman Acoustic Guitars are a range of finely crafted and finished instruments. They are beautifully appointed, yet understated and offer superb tone, appeal and playability at affordable price points and have been widely received as “Best in Their Class” by players and dealers alike.

Stand highlights:

Two generations of traditional guitar making experience and expertise form the cornerstone
of each and every Gilman guitar. Modern manufacturing technology combined with precise hand
crafting to exacting specifications and tolerances guarantee unrivalled quality and the superb
tonal performance that is Gilman.

Covering all the popular shapes – Dreadnoughts, OM, Parlour, Grand Auditorium, Traveller/mini Dreadnoughts with the choice of well-appointed Spruce or Cedar Tops, offering Natural or Tobacco Sunburst in a Satin or Gloss finish.



Eastman Music Australia

Stand number: 20-21
Products exhibiting: Founded in 1992, Eastman Music Company has established a reputation for their quality, traditional sound, and craftsmanship. Eastman is highly regarded for creating some of the finest instruments and accessories, and stands at the forefront of the creative development and marketing of musical instruments heard around the globe. 
Stand highlights: On the Eastman stands this year you will find some of the new products from the last couple of years since the last Melbourne Guitars Show. Guitars like Romeo-LA, Juliets, Pisano AR480CE and in Acoustics the E20OM-MR-TC, E40OO, Black tops and the New E1SS-SB slope shoulder. 


Stand number: 22
Products exhibiting: Zip is a leading global Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) company providing fair and seamless solutions that simplify how people pay. Founded in Australia in 2013, our mission is to be the first payment choice, everywhere and every day. We give consumers, merchants and businesses around the world access to transparent, flexible and interest-free credit. Disrupting the broken credit card model, we put the financial well-being of our customers and merchants at the centre of everything that we do. We are Zip, and we’re only just getting started.
Stand highlights: Come and see us to discover how Zip can support your business or allow you as a customer to buy the products you need with simple, easy and flexible interest free repayment options.


Marsh Entertainment

Stand number: 23

Products exhibiting:  Marsh are one of the global leading providers of entertainment industry insurance and risk solutions for both “big and small”. Our experience encompasses the individual musician just starting out in the garage, right through to some of the largest event promotors and artists in the world.

Our people, the true differentiators: With over 60+ years of industry experience, the members of our team are the leading practitioners in this highly specialised and demanding class of insurance.

Stand highlights: Simon & Patricia will be available to discuss all of your insurance & risk needs. 

RAK Musical Imports

Stand number: 24
Products exhibiting: RAK Musical Imports brings a small selection of unique brands to the Australian market. Currently distributing Legator Guitars, Balaguer Guitars, Valeton Effects and Dream Cymbals.
Stand highlights: A great range of Legator guitars including multi-scale 6, 7, 8 & 9 string models and the headless Ghost range. Also Balaguer Guitars from Pennsylvania USA featuring Standard and Select series models. Valeton effects including the popular GP-200 multi-FX unit.

Hal Leonard

Stand number:
Products exhibiting:
Stand highlights:

Wolf Guitars

Stand number: 32
Products exhibiting: Founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2021 by Erica Buckley and Peter McCallum, Wolf Guitars Australia PTY LTD is a company with a commitment to produce high-end electric guitars and bass guitars that are built in Vietnam and finished in Fremantle to professional and recreational musicians that are affordable, easy to play, beautiful and sonically brilliant. Engineering, research and development meets the call of the wild. We listen to what guitarists want and over deliver at a sensible price. Full Pro Luthier setup and a beautiful Wolf Guitars Australia hard case comes with each guitar. 
Stand highlights: Beautifully crafted, well equipped, sonically brilliant solid and semi hollow bodied electric guitars and basses that stand their ground against guitars two to three times the price. We don’t compromise on quality.
Built in Vietnam to our specifications all Wolf Guitars Australia models are finished at our headquarters in Fremantle Western Australia. They are all equipped with phenomenal Howling Wolf overwound, High Output Pickups and our own Quantum Circuitry and components.
Where possible we source sustainable tone and fretboard woods and our manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and ethically minded.
We will also be showcasing the wonderful Andrew White electric / acoustic guitars that are sure to impress and exclusive in Australia to Freo Guitars / Wolf Guitars Australia.
Wolf Guitars Australia also manufacture our own high quality true bypass, analogue effects pedals, hand painted by local Fremantle Artists WA.

Evolution Music

Stand number:
Products exhibiting:
Stand highlights:


Stand number: 34
Products exhibiting: The Mackie name is synonymous with innovation, great sound, and Built Like a Tank dependability. Today, Mackie touches every corner of the creative space. From studio recording, mixing, and monitoring to a full range of live sound solutions, microphones, studio and live mixers, headphones and in-ear monitors, podcasting tools, amplification and processing, and more, Mackie continues to innovate, bringing the next generation of tools to the next generation of creatives.
Stand highlights:

Modern Musician

Stand number: 35
Products exhibiting: Hailing from the deep seas and fresh air of Hobart Tasmania, Modern Musician does things differently. With an obsessive attention to detail and deep respect for the new and emerging players as well as seasoned professional, we’re at MGS2023 to meet and share our passion with guitar players and aficionados from across the great southern land.

Stand highlights: Touch, smell, hear, see (and hopefully not) taste new gear and fan favourites from Paul Reed Smith, Marshall, Martin & Co, HeadRush FX, Celestion, Hercules Stands & Elixir Strings.

Be amongst the very first in the world to see some exciting new gear, and maybe take some thing home with you to add to your pleasure room, pedalboard, or sneak home under the bed without getting caught.

Some highlights include:
PRS 2023 New SE collection
PRS Archon & MT15 amplifiers & cabinets
Marshall amps, pedals and swag
Martin & Co merchandise & swag (no guitars this year, sorry!)
HeadRush FX MX5 (including a chance to win one!)
Celestion guitar speakers
Hercules stands & wall hangers
Martin, Elixir & Darco strings

Talk tight with the team about everything fretted and guitar shops, try your hand on our putting green to win swag from your favourite brands, and of course us!


Pony Music

Stand number: 36
Products exhibiting: Pony Music provides musicians with a total music solution. Offerings include: World class recording studio, Acoustically treated rehearsal rooms, Pro Audio hire, instrument tuition and retail sales. Pony Music has been made by musicians for musicians.
Stand highlights: Marshall Amps, PRS Guitars, and Dunlop, MXR, Way Huge Pedals

Belfield Music

Stand number: 37 – 38

Products exhibiting: Belfield Music & ESP Guitars are joining forces to bring you an exclusive look at some of the finest guitars you can find on the market.

Founded in 1975, ESP Guitars have pushed the boundaries in the guitar market for decades. From one-off Custom pieces (hand made in Japan) to more accessible professional-level production models, ESP deliver a guitar suited to any player.

Since Belfield Music took on the brand ESP we quickly became the top dealer in the country and are proud to showcase the largest range including a handful of one off models from both their USA & Japan Custom Shops.

Stand highlights: We will be showcasing a range of exclusive ESP Guitars including the following:

– ESP 2022 Exhibition Model – One-Off Wonders from the Master Luthiers at the ESP Custom Shop

– ESP USA Nosferatu Limited Edition Pyrograph Guitar. This 1 of 15 in the world and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere

– A Handful of ESP Custom Shop Models

– A Handful of ESP USA Models

– Backline supplied exclusively by Blackstar UK

We will also be synchronizing a Global Launch of 3x BRAND NEW ESP model and have them at the stand for all to sell.

With the help of Noisegate and EPS Guitars, 1 lucky stand visitor will win a Metallica Signature Guitar, so make sure you come past and visit the store.

We are also hoping to have a couple of Spector USA Models on show as well.


Independent Music

Stand number: 39
Products exhibiting: Independent Music Products is the exclusive distributor for Fractal Audio Systems and Redsound products in Australia and New Zealand.
Stand highlights: Independent Music Products is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Fractal Audio Systems, Redsound FRFR and Studio Speakers and Mission Engineering products. This year we’ll be displaying the full 3rd Generation Fractal Audio products including the Axe-FX III Mk II Turbo and the FM9 along with the Redsound range of FRFR speakers along with their studio monitor range.
40 Independent Music

Boss | Roland

Stand number: 41
Products exhibiting: BOSS has achieved legendary status among guitarists by offering a diverse, world-leading product lineup that includes amplifiers, multi- effects processors, loop stations and stompboxes.
Stand highlights: We’ll have lots of new products on the stand including the Katana range (Artist MkII Head, 50 MkII EX combo) as well as Space Echo pedals, Slicer, Waza Craft pedals, GX-100 touchscreen multieffects processor and more. Come and shop for show specials on a variety of compact pedals, amps and accessories!

Gibson / Epiphone / Kramer

Stand number: 42

Products exhibiting:

With a history stretching all the way back to 1900’s, Gibson Guitars is the premier guitar brand.

Gibson is the home of artists, with the Artist Collection, including guitars created in collaboration with Slash, Dave Mustaine, Lzzy Hale, Kirk Douglas, and Tony Iommi.

Bearing a instrument building pedigree that dates back all the way to 1873, Epiphone is one of America’s oldest and most revered Guitar makers.

In the 21st century, Epiphone’s technical breakthroughs have brought the guitar to a new generation. No matter your style, there is an Epiphone for you.

Kramer Guitars is synonymous for its innovation and reputation to challenge the traditional norms of guitar making as evident by their eclectic models.

With iconic models such as the Jersey Star, The 84 as played by Eddie Van Halen and Baretta, Kramer’s reach and impact has influenced generations of metal players from around the world.



Ibanez | Seymour Duncan

Stand number: 43a

Products exhibiting:

Ibanez was the first brand of guitars to mass-produce the seven-string guitar and eight-string guitar. Since then, Ibanez has gone on to pioneer the development of the double-locking tremolo, 7-string models and electric guitars designed specifically for ground-breaking music forms. Through utilising high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, Ibanez creates guitars that have been ground-breaking in the worldwide market including their Premium, Prestige and Signature Artist ranges.

Stand highlights: Ibanez is excited to show off the 2023 range of guitars and basses. Featuring the new Pentatone Pedal, the new AZ Single coil models, the J-Custom RG8870, Rose Gold Chameleon SML721, Headless Blue Chameleon Q547, Headless Fretless EHB1005F & The Flamed Maple 5-String SR5FMDX2.

Seymour Duncan has become the highly recognisable brand when it comes to guitar pickups and guitar customisation.

With Seymour Duncan pickups, not only can you have an instrument that looks, sounds and plays better, you can have a guitar that reflects your own personality as a musician.

Stand Highlights: Come see the SCOOPED STRAT WHITE & PSYCHEDELIC STRAT WHITE in action set up in a pair of IBANEZ AZES31’s

Stand number: 43b


When Orange debuted in 1968, it didn’t take long before their distinct look and sound became a staple of London’s swinging music scene. Initially opening its doors as a musical instrument shop in London’s vibrant West End, founder Cliff Cooper decorated the interior in an instantly recognisable, psychedelic, vivid orange which is still reflected on every amp produced.

TC Electronic is a Danish audio equipment manufacturer founded by two musician brothers, Kim and John Rishøj. They started out producing guitar pedals, which were noted for their quality and technological advancement. From recording moguls to folk musicians, TC Electronics’ appeal is vast. Anthrax, Depeche Mode, Queens of the Stone Age, George Michael, Imogen Heap, Kraftwerk, Mike Patton, Skrillex, Kimbra, Snow Patrol are just a few names to endorse their product’s in their recorded and live work.

Stand highlights: On display will be The Orange Super Crush 100 head & combo, The unique UK range of Vintage Pedals and the GLENN HUGHES L.E PURPLE Crush Bass 50.
Plus a special reveal! So come check out the stand!

TC Electronics

Come check out TC Electronic’s plethora of pedals. Pick a flavour of tone that suits your needs. Distortion, Modulation, Delay, and Reverb in so many flavours and colours.
Also on displaying TC Helicon’s Critical Mass & Talkbox plus many more.


Innovative Music

Stand number: 44
Products exhibiting: Innovative Music is one of Australia’s leading audio industry specialist distributors. We have built an unrivalled reputation for sourcing and representing a wide range of iconic Guitar Amplifiers and Pedals together with a complete range of Guitar and Audio Cables. We are Australia’s exclusive distributor for Kemper, Two Notes, Morley, VHT, ISP Technologies, AVID, Mogami Cables, Levy’s Straps, Carl Martin, Beat Buddy, Soundbrenner, and AIAIAI.
Stand highlights: This year we will feature the full range of Kemper, VHT Amplification, Morley Wah’s, Two Notes Audio, Levy’s Guitar Straps, Carl Martin Pedals, ISP Technologies, Beat Buddy, Soundbrenner, new AVID Mbox, and AIAIAI headphones. Our demo Artists Declan Boyle and Cameron Bird will be on hand to showcase these brands.


Stand number: 45
Products exhibiting: Ampeg is proudly distributed by Yamaha Music Australia.

Stand highlights: This year we’ll be showcasing the new Rocket Bass lightweight Bass combo amp series, which are fast becoming the bass combo of choice for players of all levels. With their iconic Ampeg tone which is enhanced by the new SGT Super Grit Technology overdrive circuit and their classic looks, connectivity and portability, they are an impressive addition to the range. We’ll also be featuring a selection of the wider Ampeg amp & effects pedal range on the stand which will be available for you to try out.

46 -47

Yamaha Guitars

Stand number: 46 – 47
Products exhibiting: “Innovation is our tradition. We’ve been making guitars since 1966, but that doesn’t make us stuck in our ways. Always looking forward and never standing still, our mission is to make instruments that inspire.
We’re driven by our players. Our network of artists, students, and industry experts keep us aligned with the way guitarists are really making and consuming music. Striving for the best experience for Yamaha players, new and old, is what keeps us moving. By combining heritage with advanced technologies, Yamaha helps players to find and make their breakthroughs.”
Stand highlights: “The Yamaha stands will feature a full range of latest electric and acoustic guitars and amplifiers. On the ground floor, we will be featuring our latest second generation Revstar models as well as our Pacifica series and BB basses, with the opportunity to get up close and demo the gear discreetly with headphones. Visit the stand across the weekend for your chance to go into the draw to win a Revstar Standard in Flash Green.
In the acoustic mezzanine stand, we will feature our latest Atmosfeel™ pickup system, found in our FG Red Label and NX series guitars, our most natural sounding pickup system to date. On display will also include our SILENT Guitar™ and TransAcoustic™ ranges offering enhanced practice and playing experiences.”

George Evans Custom Amplifiers

Stand number: 48

Products exhibiting: George Evans Custom Amplifiers began production in 2008 and our focus was to produce exceptional sounding, Hand Wired, Hand Built Amplifiers with amazing versatility and brilliant Guitar tones,

Our philosophy is to produce World Class Hand Wired Guitar Amplifiers, featuring point to point construction and fully hand manufactured processes. We utilise the finest quality components specifically selected for the very best tones available anywhere on this Planet.”

Stand highlights: This year, George Evans has launched the long awaited, phenomenal GE Sonique 7 Amplifier Head. Our new Class A, 7 watt baby, will simply blow you away with its amazing versatility. It is clearly the very best small Amplifier we have ever heard. It sells itself.

Ask us to Demo the GE 7’s sweet clean tones, Rock or Blues tones, or sparkling sweet chimey jangly tones. It is quite simply, 2 fabulous channels of stunning.

The George Evans stand will also feature our time proven Sonique SE range, consisting of the stunning Sonique SE 50, which features an EL34 Output Stage. It produces the finest Classic Rock tones you will hear anywhere. You will hear Strat, Tele or Les Paul sounds not available anywhere but from us at George Evans.

We will also show you, what we believe, is the Finest EL84 Class A Amplifier we have ever laid our ears over. The brilliant George Evans Sonique 30A. Come up and ask any questions you may have. We welcome you all to Stand No. 48 to see our amazing Hand Built Range.


DK Alloy Guitars

Stand number: 49
Products exhibiting:
Stand highlights:

 Shredd Guitarworx

Stand number: 50
Products exhibiting: Shredd Guitarworx with over towo decades of guitar servicing and repairs , based in Taylor’s lakes , is the official Australian and New Zealand Vegatrem distributor .

Vegatrem is an all stainless steel replacement tremolo system for Strat and teles developed in Spain , it’s currently at the top of its class in what feature sets it offers to musicians 

Stand Highlights: Vegatrem stand will have guitars with tremolos fitted for patrons to try and observe. There will also be demonstrations and MGS specials.

EarthQuaker Devices

Stand number:
Products exhibiting: EarthQuaker Devices effects pedals are proudly distributed by Yamaha Music Australia.
Stand highlights: Come and try out the full range of EarthQuaker Devices effects pedals on one of our demo stations, we will also have a special limited edition Melbourne Guitar Show exclusive pedal release in addition to show specials across the range.
52 – 53


Stand number: 52 & 53
Products exhibiting: Vox is proudly distributed by Yamaha Music Australia.
Stand highlights: This year’s Vox stand will showcase the Mini Go series of portable performance amps, along with a standalone seminar for a deep dive into what these amps can really do. We’ll also have the new range of Vox guitars and effects pedals on display to try out along with the innovative lightweight VX series of Nutube amplifiers and of course the iconic AC Custom all-tube amp series.

Line 6

Stand number: 54
Products exhibiting: Line 6 is proudly distributed by Yamaha Music Australia
Stand highlights: Showcasing the new CATALYST range of Guitar amplifiers featuring HX quality amps and effects, as well as the full range of Line 6 modelers and FX processors.

The Resource Corporation

Stand number:
Products exhibiting:
Stand highlights:
MEE Audio
Stand number: 56
Products exhibiting: MEE Audio, single, dual, triple and quad driver In ear monitors and accessories, being distributed by xenonOz in Australia. 
Stand highlights: Full range of new models available to demonstrate and listen. Plus the opportunity to win a set!

Coleman’s Music

Stand number: 57
Products exhibiting: Founded in 1989, Coleman’s Music is a family-owned music store that serves musicians across Victoria and Australia. With two retail locations in Melbourne, Lynbrook, and an online store for music lovers across Australia – we serve everyone, from aspiring to professional musicians. 

Stand highlights: Colemans Music is proud to be displaying Chapman Guitars and B&G Guitars!

Chapman Guitars is a British guitar company run by musicians for musicians. Founded in 2009 by owners Rob Chapman and Lee Anderton, Chapman’s philosophy is very simple: Innovation through Collaboration. See and try the latest range of Standard and Pro Series Models!

B&G Guitars was founded by Eliran Barashi & Yotam (Kiki) Goldstein – skillful and expert luthiers in the field of vintage guitars from the golden era, and Avi Goldfinger – an artist and entrepreneur. B&G are devoted to one thing only – creating the best sounding instruments on the market. See and try guitars from the Standard Range and Crossroad Series!


Macron Music

Stand number: 58

Products exhibiting: In a complicated world full of many different business ideas and challenges we are still lucky enough to have music stores for customers to visit and get a hands-on experience, the same cannot be said for other industries that have been replaced by either online or changing consumer landscapes. We enjoy being connected to you – the players, roadies, garage jammers, students, parents and everyone in-between. Whether you are looking at the highest spec, or entry level products, we are here to help make your options clear and give you more of an understanding into any product in our range.

Stand highlights: Fenech Guitars , Engl Amps, Revv Amps, Suhr guitars + much, much more.


Stand number: 59 & 68
Products exhibiting: “D’Addario Australia is part of D’Addario & Company Inc, the world’s largest manufacturer of musical products and accessories. Based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne D’Addario Australia is proud to represent and exclusively distribute D’Addario, Evans, Promark, Puresound, Schecter Guitars, Alvarez Guitars, Ovation Guitars, SKB Cases, EMG Pickups, Lee Oskar Harmonicas, Ultimate Support, Jam Stands, Mackie, DW, PDP, Gretsch, LP & Tune Bot.”
Stand highlights: This year D’Addario Australia will be exhibiting and selling a huge range of D’Addario Strings & accessories, Schecter guitars, Alvarez guitars & ukulele’s, Ovation guitars, SKB cases & Mackie product, along with a range of EMG pickups, Lee Oskar harmonica’s & Ultimate Support stands. D’Addario Australia in partnership with Schecter Guitars is also pleased to be bringing to the show Canadian guitarist & song writer Nick Johnston, who will be performing on both days of the event.

Studio 19

Stand number: 60-61
Products exhibiting: Studio19 is a simple, flexible and affordable rental program that allows people to discover their passions. We offer customers the ability to rent and be sure about the gear they want with the genuine flexibility to apply to buy at any time or return any time after 6 months (minimum rental period) . Renting with Studio19 means customers can continually upgrade their equipment to the latest models and test it out with no long-term lock-in contracts, all while having access to the world’s leading brands. 
Stand highlights: Come and see us to find out how we can help you take the next step in your musical journey as well as enter our competition for your chance to win a preloved Fender Vintera ’60S Stratocaster (retail value AUD$2,199). You can also find out more about the 170 retail music stores we are available in across Australia and discover our broad selection of instruments from the world’s top brands, including Fender, Yamaha, Roland, Gibson, Gretsch, Ibanez, Taylor and more. 
62 NA
63 NA
64 – 67


Stand number: 64 – 67
Products exhibiting: Since 1946, Fender has revolutionized music and culture as one of the world’s leading musical instrument manufacturers, marketers and distributors.
Stand highlights: See, feel and hear a selection of our best guitars, amps and effects from the American Vintage, Artist Signature, Tone Master and Made in Japan ranges. Plus, find out what all the fuss is about with our unique Acoustasonic hybrid range.


Stand number:
Products exhibiting:
Stand highlights:
Mezzanine Level – Acoustic Only

Stand #



Southern Tonewoods

Stand number: A1

Products exhibiting: Southern Tonewoods is Australia’s premier supplier of Guitar making supplies. Specialising in Traditional and Australian tonewoods as well as luthiers’ tools and hardware.

Brands include – GluBoost, String Stretcha, Free – Way Switches, Titebond, Gotoh, Hosco, K & K Pickups, Blacksmith & Pax

Stand highlights: The stand will be full of Acoustic guitars and products you need to make your own guitars.

Cargill Custom Guitars

Stand number: A1

Products exhibiting:

As well as being recognised as the premier guitar repair workshop, Cargill Custom Guitars now have a reputation for world-class hand made acoustic and electric guitars.

Stand highlights: The stand will be full of Acoustic guitars and products you need to make your own guitars.

Music Connoisseur

Stand number: A2
Products exhibiting: Music Connoisseur, founded in 2011, as a distributor and retailer of musical instruments based in Singapore, Malaysia & Australia. Music Connoisseur Australia is the sole distributor of Lava Music products in Australia.
Stand highlights: Music Connoisseur will exhibit the latest range of Lava Music products, including:
1. Lava Me 3 Unibody Carbon Fiber Smart Guitar
2. Blue Lava Smart Guitar
3. Blue Lava Original Acoustic Guitar

Cole Clark Guitars

Stand number: A3 – A4

Products exhibiting: We are Cole Clark Guitars and Distribution. We manufacture guitars and other stringed instruments in Bayswater, Victoria, Australia. We also distribute a number of brands including T-Rex guitar pedals, Baton Rouge steel string guitars and ukuleles, La Mancha nylon string guitars, Timber Tones guitar picks and Lute-hole feedback eliminators.

Cole Clark was started in 2001 and has a number of Patents around the pickup systems of Acoustic guitars. Cole Clark is widely recognised as the worlds most natural sounding plugged in acoustic guitar.

Stand highlights: Cole Clark will be displaying the new True Hybrid acoustic and electric guitar. This instrument uses the new Patent Pending Balanced Cole Clark magnetic pickup. Among the possible applications, Cole Clark can have an even volume on each string on a magnetic pickup while using phosphor bronze strings. Cole Clark will also have on display some very interesting tone woods in our 3 Series and the new Mastergrade Series. On top of this, we will have the latest releases from T-Rex.

Musical Merchandisers

Stand number: A5
Products exhibiting: Washburn Guitars
Stand highlights: On the affordable range of acoustic guitars, Washburn is one of the best at blending playability and good tone, especially when plugged in. For over 135 years, Washburn has been committed to providing the highest quality instruments. Whether it’s a guitar, banjo, or mandolin – if it’s a Washburn, it won’t let you down.
A6 – A7

Freo Guitars

Stand number: A6
Products exhibiting: We will be showcasing the wonderful Andrew White electric / acoustic guitars that are sure to impress and exclusive in Australia to Freo Guitars
Stand highlights:
Rick Falkiner’s Guitar Centre
Stand number: A7
Products Exhibiting:  William Falkiner Lutherie classical and Flamenco guitars Herman Hauser guitars.
Stand Highlights: I’ll have some master built classical guitars from the 20th century including Hernandez y Aguado, Hauser, Fleta and Vinaccia as well as new William Falkiner lutherie lattice braced classical guitars.

 Taylor Guitars

Stand number: A8
Products exhibiting: Taylor Guitars & Basses
Stand highlights: A wide range of Taylor Guitars and friendly Taylor staff to help you understand how Taylor Guitars are unique and how those unique features serve you as an owner and player.

Yamaha Guitars

Stand number: A10
Products exhibiting |Stand highlights: Yamaha Guitars will feature our latest Atmosfeel™ pickup system, found in our FG Red Label and NX series guitars, our most natural sounding pickup system to date. On display will also include our SILENT Guitar™ and TransAcoustic™ ranges offering enhanced practice and playing experiences.”

Pat’s Music

Stand number: A11
Products exhibiting: Pats Music in Oakleigh South has been servicing South-East & Bayside musicians and the education sector for over 30 years. We stock a massive range of big brand guitars, amplifiers & effects, keyboards & pianos, pro audio, strings, brass & wind, plus two huge rooms of sheet music! Brands include Yamaha, Fender, Ibanez, Epiphone, Cole Clark, Maton, Gretsch, Alhambra, Katoh, Roland, Vox, Orange, Boss, Dunlop, EH, Morley, Audio Technica and more!
Stand highlights: Pats Music will be showcasing a range of acoustic guitars from some of our favourite brands, all at special Show prices! Brands include Cole Clark, Yamaha, Fender, Ibanez, Maton & Alhambra. We will also have a range of Flight Ukuleles and even a few specials from our own ‘folk corner’ including Deering Goodtime Banjos and Regal Resonators! Pop upstairs and say hello and have a strum on a beautiful guitar or two!

 Toscano Guitars

Stand number: A12
Products exhibiting: Classical, Flamenco, and Acoustic guitars handmade in Sydney. Fully resonant tuned. Also provided guitar making tuition.
Stand highlights: Fine handmade classical, flamenco, and acoustic guitars. Talk direct to the maker.

Jason Rosewarne’s Australian Guitarist Photo Gallery

Stand number: A13-14
Products exhibiting: Beautifully framed A3 photos to view and purchase
Stand highlights: 32 fabulous framed photos of guitarists live in action on stage to be viewed and then purchased online once show is done, taken by master photographer Jason Rosewarne. Proceeds go to Music For All charity.

Eastman Music Australia

Stand number: A15
Products exhibiting:  Founded in 1992, Eastman Music Company has established a reputation for their quality, traditional sound, and craftsmanship. Eastman is highly regarded for creating some of the finest instruments and accessories, and stands at the forefront of the creative development and marketing of musical instruments heard around the globe.
Stand highlights: On the Eastman stands this year you will find some of the new products from the last couple of years since the last Melbourne Guitars Show. Guitars like Romeo-LA, Juliets, Pisano AR480CE and in Acoustics the E20OM-MR-TC, E40OO, Black tops and the New E1SS-SB slope shoulder. 

Fenech Guitars

Stand number: A16
Products exhibiting: Fenech Guitars launched in 2016 by Aaron Fenech, a highly skilled luthier and craftsman, Fenech Guitars are renown for being some of the finest Australian made guitars. With the perfect blend of looks, playability and sound, Fenech acoustic guitars are acoustically and visually very unique in their meticulous handcrafting and exquisite tonality. Fenech Guitars are able to effectively cater for many playing styles and tonal options with its unique aesthetics and body shapes. Fenech guitars are unlike any other, with the attention to detail and precision a true stand out.
Stand highlights: Attendees will be able Meet Aaron Fenech in person and purchase a selection of his standard and select guitar range including some very special Masterbuilt guitars!

National Music

Stand number: A19

Products exhibiting: National Music has been distributing and marketing quality musical instruments in Australia for over 40 years. Based in Brisbane, our company has a proud record of product innovation and exceptional service.

We distribute world class brands such as Tanglewood, Elixir, Rotosound, LR Baggs, Tech 21, Proel, Barnes& Mullins, G7th Capos, Kirlin Cables and much more.  We also represent the highly acclaimed Hidersine and Vivo Stringed instruments as well as Grassi Brass/Wind and the iconic Thomastik-Infeld strings.

Stand highlights: Melbourne Guitar Show attendees can expect to see a wide range of guitars from Tanglewood, strings from Elixir, capos from G7th, folk instruments from Barnes and Mullins, and pedals from L R Baggs and Tech21

Tanglewood are the UK’s number one guitar brand with a focus on exceptional value and playability and offer guitars to suit the beginning student through to the gigging professional. They are set apart by their great prices, sound, and looks achieved through their use of traditional guitar timbers like Spruce, Rosewood, Ebony, and Mahogany, along with less commonly utilised timbers such as Cedar, Koa, Black Walnut, Hawaiian Rainwood, and Ovangkol. You’ll find a variety of body shapes and sizes in Tanglewood’s range – dreadnoughts, traveller guitars, and everything in between.

Make sure to swing by our booth and check out Tanglewood guitars and all the other wonderful products we’re bringing along.

Australian Makers Zone

Stand #



NCAT Guitar Making

Stand number: A20
Products exhibiting: The Certificate IV in Instrument Making & Repair allows students to make a bolt-on electric guitar and a dreadnaught style acoustic guitar. It covers an introduction to computer controlled cutting, milling machines and laser cutters as well as the use and maintenance of hand and power tools necessary for construction. Upon completion of said instruments, students design and may construct a custom made instrument of their choice. Through the production of three instruments, students gain vital hands-on experience. NCAT has established relationships with Maton Guitars and Cole Clark Guitars.
Stand highlights: NCAT will be hosting former students as they demonstrate how to use a range of tools in guitar production. There will be a number of prototypes, moulds, raw materials and finished products to examine and play. NCAT Guitar Making trainers and former students will be available to answer any questions. 

Shoma Acoustics

Stand number: A21
Products exhibiting: Shoma Subotic is a Melbourne based luthier that produces acoustic guitars under the name of Shoma Acoustics. His mechanical background and passion for woodwork and music fused together and led him to a career in guitar making. Every Shoma Acoustics guitar is
produced with finesse and immense attention to detail, creating unique sounding fine instruments. His guitars are produced to order,
allowing every unit to be customised to meet the client’s specific requirements. With orders completed for European customers he is becoming internationally recognised guitar maker.
Stand highlights: Shoma Acoustics will be exhibiting range of handmade acoustic guitars models. Those instruments will be available for sale as well as for ordering as customised units.
William Hancock Guitars

Stand number: A21
Products exhibiting: Bespoke plucked stringed instruments, from Australian native Tonewoods and repurposed timbers, for musicians, collectors, artists and guitarists. Guitarmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. Specialising in nylon stringed flattops. Also builds steel stringed guitars, electrics, classicals, travellers, childrens guitars and any other strange plucked stringed instruments. The weirder the better. Repairs, Setups and bespoke builds.

Stand highlights: “Gold medal winner at the Better Future Design awards in New York, for the Super Mini ‘T’ series Toddler model childrens guitar. #littleguitarsforlittlepeople
Concept Guitars made from coloured pencils, rulers, repurposed pianos and ice cream sticks.
Classical guitars with full upgrade of appointmentS, finished in French polish.
Super mini traveller and childrens model guitars from the ‘T’ series of quarter sized micro guitars.
Stands, racks and stools designed specifically with the discerning guitarist in mind. Hand made from Victorian Blackwood and finished in danish oil.”



 FJ Guitars

Stand number:
Products exhibiting:
Stand highlights:

Jack Spira Guitars

Stand number: A22
Products exhibiting: Jack Spira is an Australian guitar maker of 35 years experience. Currently based in Gippsland. He makes a wide range of instruments, focusing on acoustic steel string guitars, tenor guitars and octave mandolin/ bouzouki.

Stand highlights: Handmade guitars by Jack Spira



Octigan Guitars

Stand number: A23
Products exhibiting: “Roderick is a boutique builder based in the East of Melbourne. A woodworker for over 45 years, each instrument he creates is crafted by hand with absolute attention to detail. Using both Australian and imported tone woods, he specialises in acoustic arch tops and caters for the discerning musician who is very particular in regards to the tone, responsiveness, feel and playability of the instrument. His commitment to both the aesthetic and sonic quality of each guitar, combined with his love of creating them, only 2 or 3 instruments are completed each year”

Stand highlights: The Octigan Guitars stand will exhibit a selection of their handmade guitars including, acoustic and electric archtop guitars, bass and mandolins featuring locally and imported tonewoods


Eborall Guitars

Stand number: A23
Products exhibiting: “Luke Eborall is a Melbourne based guitar maker.
His passion is making acoustic instruments that look, sound and feel amazing to play.
Each hand-made guitar made by Luke is one of a kind, with carefully selected timbers, and unique aesthetics for a truly “hand crafted” experience.
With a background engineering and art, Luke has a keen eye for detail and accuracy.
Stand highlights: This year will feature 3 handmade guitars, and 2 ukulele’s, featuring a selection of stunning timbers such as Macassar Ebony, Master Grade Fiddleback Blackwood, Padauk, Rosewood and Australian Eucalypt.



Junjie Xia Guitars 

Stand number: A24a
Products exhibiting: Using the finest timbers available, I make acoustic guitars specifically for fingerstyle players.
Stand highlights: A few special custom-made acoustic guitars and some of the rarest tonewoods!


Tonewoods Factory

Stand number: A24b

Products exhibiting: I have established Tonewoodfactory in Australia 2016. High quality Guitar wooden parts imported from overseas and sold as wholesale and retail with very reasonable price. We sell East Indian rosewood, Ebony and mahogany etc ,back and sides, fretboards, neck blanks etc we have been supplying to guitar making schools, manufacturers, lutheirs since 2016.we mainly supply through social media and also direct contacts.

Stand highlights: East Indian rosewood and ebony.
Back and sides, headplates, bridges, neck pieces, fretboards etc for acoustic and electric guitars. 


Beaver Badger

Stand number: A24c
Products exhibiting: 

Stand highlights:

Guitar Templates

Stand number: A24d

Products exhibiting: Guitar Templates is a newcomer to the Australian lutherie supply market. Focused on specialist templates, tool and jigs for the serious and not-so-serious guitar maker. We also supply a wide range of parts, materials and tools – everything you need to make a fine instrument.

Stand highlights: Our stand will focus on our unique products. Examples of many of our build templates and jigs for guitar making including our unique vacuum clamps. We will not have physical products for sale however we will have a show special for use on our webstore.

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