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The Omnific is a progressive instrumental band from Melbourne, Australia featuring two bass players and a drummer. They’ve become  a regular and popular attraction at the Melbourne Guitar Show, whether on stage or on the CMC Music stand. The Omnific’s new EP ‘The Mind’s Eye’ is out now

The young trio has established working relationships with reputable companies Darkglass Electronics, Ernie Ball Music Man & Neural DSP, seeing them represent the brands with pride at the guitar show, bringing attention amongst the ‘Gear-Nerd’ community. Coupled with their online play-thru, gear demo and music videos, the band’s reach is beyond what many would expect from this impressive Melbourne trio so early in their career.

“Recorded on August 4th at the Melbourne Guitar Show 2019, representing Darkglass Electronics and Ernie Ball Music Man. We took line outs (pre-pedalboard) and recorded our basses directly into a Scarlett 2i2, tucked away behind the cabs in the video. We then mixed and created new tones using the Darkglass Ultra Suite (for amp and cab), and the Plini Archetype (delay and reverb). Video by Liam Davidson (Lord Media) Thumbnail photo by Deb Kloeden (Amnpify) Stream, love, buy our new EP ‘The Mind’s Eye’ :” – The Omnific