MARCH 4-5, 2023


russellmorrisNobody was more surprised than Russell Morris himself, that his album Sharkmouth became a platinum-selling hit. The project was created after Russell had read about a 1920’s Gangster from Sydney, Shark Jaws. This was the driving force behind a want to create an album including some dodgy Australian characters from the 1920/30’s era such as gangsters Squizzy Taylor and Les Darcy.

On April 11 this year, Russell released Van Diemen’s Land, the follow up, a companion piece  to Sharkmouth. Van Diemen’s Land picks up where Sharkmouth left off, this time covering great Australian characters and stories including Breaker Morant, Sandakan, the Eureka Stockade and many more. Morris is joined on Van Diemen’s Land by a host of special guest artists including Joe Camilleri, Rick Springfield, Rob Hirst (Midnight Oil), Scott Owen (The Living End), Ross Hannaford (Daddy Cool), Vika & Linda Bull, Phil Manning (Chain), Joe Robinson and Shannon Bourne.‎