MARCH 4-5, 2023


Jess Spahr isn’t your run of the mill musician. Jess picked up the violin at the age of 6, going on  to train as a classical pianist. Young Jess started winning eisteddfods all around Sydney, receiving countless awards and high fives along the way. Fast forward to 2018 and Jess recorded and released the debut single Betray Me. Betray Me channelled Morcheeba and picked up spins via unearthed and triple j. Over the past several months Jess has been writing and recording, churning out tracks to get a feel for her artistic sense of direction, bringing us to her follow up single ‘Tensions’. Tensions is on the electro-pop tip and channels the challenges most young women experience in life.

In celebration of the release of Tensions, Jess sat down to ponder Six Quix for us