MARCH 4-5, 2023


Paul Woseen Hi-Res-1What was your first bass?
A late ‘60’s Fender Musicmaster bass. I’ve still got it, but it’s loaded with ’75 P-Bass pickups I ripped out another bass.

What’s your main bass now?
There’s a few. I record a lot with a 1975 Music Man Stingray and a 1970 Fender Jazz I’ve had since I was 17. Touring I use two G&L L2000’s. The main one is a pre-1980 prototype with a mahogany body and rosewood neck, the other an ’82 I think with a maple neck. Both loaded with a hipshot.

Through what amp and why?
Usually a GK800.  They’re just so consistent. They don’t add much colour to my sound, they virtually sound the same in any room. I’m a finger player and I can get that mid-range honk I want for clarity without the bark. The face is simple and uncluttered, so it’s easy to adjust in the dark in a mad rush.

Do you use effects at all? If so what?
I run a bass wah and an overdrive pedal and sometimes an octaver.

What’s your latest recording and when will you be back in the studio?
I recorded and released a solo acoustic album, just me and a guitar (Maton Custom Shop Jumbo) titled Bombido and I played bass on two tracks on the Scott [Kingman] & Andy [Mclean] from Horsehead new project ‘The Alternative’. In July I’m back in the studio with The Screaming Jets to track a new album, I’ve written for us then in August another solo acoustic record.

What gigs have you been playing lately?
I’m currently touring nationally my solo record, Bombido into June. I’ve also been playing bass with Rose Tattoo when they play.

Most memorable gig?
Too many to mention really.

Worst stage nightmare?

I was doing a gig in Brunswick for Melbourne singer Daniela Corso. I’d been on a stripper boat cruise with a few mates for several hours prior. Needless to say the fun didn’t stop back at my girlfriend’s place. Got to the gig in time, shared backline, easy, except I’d left my bass at her place. I was on in 20-minutes and it was almost an hour round trip. I explained my dilemma to the bass player from the band that had just finished and he came to my rescue. He lent me his T-Bird & I bought him some beers.
Duh! I’ve split my jeans several times doing gigs, commando, crotch split, back wheel, between song gaff tape fix, I’m sure you get the ugly picture.

What gigs are coming up in the next few months?
My Bombido tour plays into June then in October, The Screaming Jets start a three month+ national tour.

A bass tip for the kids?
Love it, mean it and go with it with your whole heart, be fearless.
Listen to the drummer, lock in with him – the whole band benefits.
Listen to everything and more, jam with different people.
Don’t just know your bass part, get your head around the rest of the arrangement.
Try not to get all fucked up on a stripper cruise before a gig and forget to take your bass.

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