MARCH 4-5, 2023


Peter Kinson is a Hervey Bay-based guitarist/singer/songwriter/guitar tutor and designer. It was through both personal experience and observation and discussion with other guitarists that he realised that spending a lot of time on the guitar in the tropical climate where he resides, you need to have some kind of insulation between your arm and the guitar.

“When playing guitar in warm weather, sweat between the arm and the body of the guitar “sticks” your arm in place – impeding free strumming movements,” Peter says. “Even in cooler weather, when sweat may be less of a problem and long sleeves may be worn, the fabric of the sleeves and the buttons attached, can cause scratches to the face of the guitar. Handling the guitar or even placing it on a stand can inevitably result in little accidental bumps and scratches. These are mostly on the lower bout (the big end) of the guitar. Seeing a necessity, I set about creating a simple solution to these problems. Utilising my limited machine sewing skills, I experimented with numerous prototypes made from fabrics cut from my old polo shirts! And so, the Guitar Bra was born!”

Guitar Bra provides protection from those annoying little bumps and scratches, and insulates the guitar from contact with your arm. Any sweat/oil from your arm is absorbed in the fabric, and the Guitar Bra can be easily removed and machine washed to remove the accumulated grunge.

Unlike a guitar case/bag, which only provides protection when the guitar is stored, the Guitar Bra remains in place at all times, gently hugging the guitar’s lower bout, without impacting the sound quality. It provides constant protection for the most vulnerable area of your guitar and greatly enhanced comfort when playing it.

Peter went through many different test materials before arriving at the finished product. “I had a few prototypes,” he tells us. “I was trying different shapes and using my rudimentary sewing skills. I picked together some trial units. Some of my guitars students saw that I was using them and wanted me to make some for them too. Initially it was a stretch knit fabric and we determined that the best fabric was spandex or lycra, that they use for material in the swimwear and sportswear industries. There are some amazing colours and prints that you can get. We’ve got suede, velour … it’s very adaptable. The stretch in it allows for fitting different sizes and shapes of guitars. We have two different shapes at this point, which tends to fit almost everything in the market, dreadnought, concert, 3/4 size … we find that it fits most guitar shapes.”

Guitar Bras are now beautifully made by a professional team of skilled machinists, in a small factory in Brisbane. Peter has been attracting quite a bit of positive feedback to his innovative idea and some musical instrument stores have begun providing display space for the Guitar Bra. One working musician who toils by day in a music store told Peter that Guitar Bra was a product he “didn’t know he needed until now”.

Your guitar is a significant investment. Provide inexpensive protection at all times, from bodily grunge and accidental minor scratches, with a Guitar Bra on each of your much-loved guitars. Get fitted for your own Guitar Bra online at