MARCH 4-5, 2023


Turning heads at Musikmesse this year was the Roland JD-XA, a unique cross-over (digital/analogue) synth and the bigger brother to Roland’s previously released JD-Xi. It’s also our product of the week. The JD-XA brings together analog warmth and digital versatility in one super-creative, no- compromise instrument.  The analog filter in the JD-XA has both a smooth sound and a lighting-sharp response, giving you a high level of creative control when shaping sounds. The accuracy and quick response of the JD-XA’s envelope is important too, as it defines the leading edge of the sound. Each individual analog part can have its own dedicated effect, and all parts can be processed together through digital effects such as master EQ, chorus, fuzz, and many others.
Check out this three part demo by Scott Tibbs (Beyonce, May J Blige, Bruce Spingsteen). And for more info visit Roland Australia’s website