MARCH 4-5, 2023



About Exhibitor:
Exclusive distributors for Ernie Ball, Music Man, Markbass, DV Mark, Klotz, Sterling By Music Man, Gruv Gear, and introducing the new Faith Acoustic Guitars (designed by the legendary Patrick James Eggles).

MGS Highlights:

Ernie Ball
Axis Capos
Ultra, Burly, Primo, Mega and Mammoth Slinky electric strings
Ukulele strings
Beefy bass strings
New strap designs
New braided cables
Everlast Slinky coloured picks
Prodigy pro picks – several new shapes

The new Legacy range of acoustic guitars – based on Patrick J Eggle’s original designs

Their new instrument care range (polish, string cleaner, fretboard conditioner, and humidifiers)

Music Man
New Stingray Special designs
New James Valentine finishes
Ball Family Reserve Albert Lee, Petrucci, St Vincent and models

Michael League’s signature CASA bass rig
Marcus Miller’s signature combos, heads and cabs
Stu Hamm’s signature rig
The Evo modelling amp

Sterling by Music Man
The new Classic Stringrays (Ray 24CA) and signature Albert Lee, John Petrucci and Steve Lukather instruments.

We’ll be showing a representative range of these hand made German cables.

On stand performances:


11:15am            Nicholas Simonsen of ‘Caution: Thieves’
12:15pm           James Pownall
1:30pm             Darlinghurst Band (on the Faith acoustic stand upstairs)
2:15pm            The Omnific
4:15pm            Emilio Kormanic


11:15am            Nicholas Simonsen of ‘Caution: Thieves’
12:15pm           The Omnific
2:15pm            James Pownall
3:30pm            Josh Ua & Daniel Lijnders