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About the Exhibitor:
Ampeg is one of the foremost pioneers of Bass amplification, with its beginnings dating all the way back to 1946 when founder Everette Hull created the ‘Amplified Peg’ to amplify upright basses. In 1969 Ampeg unveiled the legendary Super Vacuum Tube or ‘SVT’ 300w all-tube bass amp, arguably “the biggest, nastiest bass amplifier the world had ever seen”, famously used by The Rolling Stones on their 69’ World Tour. Now in its 50th anniversary, the SVT has become the bass amp that all rock bassists dream of and today is still the pinnacle of the Ampeg range.

MGS Highlights:
For the first time to the Australian public, Ampeg will be featuring the brand new Heritage 50th Anniversary SVT Bass amp, made in USA & featuring two discrete preamp channels that duplicate the revered tone from the amp’s most desirable eras: the original 1969 “Blueline” SVT and the mid-70s Magnavox® design. Come along to our booth and try it out for yourself, also on display will be a wide selection of amps from our complete range, from our entry level BA series combos, our renowned Portaflex series ‘flip-top’ heads and cabs up to our SVT Pro, Classic and Heritage Series Amps.

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